The bicycle ride

While in the year 1975, Charlotte von Sladwick, a 19-year-old Swedish student of the Swedish Royal Family, is traveling to India for a movie made by gift shop. The artist was born in the lowest caste poor Indian family, also called “untouchability”. Even under incredible circumstances, the artist named Pradim Kumar Mahanandia received great prestige as a gift from the artist. Charlotte von Sladveen traveled to India to get to his identity recognized.

Until the portrait was over, both fell in love. The beauty of Charlotte seemed praddoon to Purdum. Never before had a beautiful woman seen from the western world. He tried his best to capture her beauty in portrait, but was not completely successful. . Nevertheless, the painting was magnificent and Charlotte fell for its simplicity and its beautiful role. Because of that, she decided to stay herself long in India. Two weeks have passed for a few weeks and months later. Both of them fell so deeply into love that they decided to get marry according to traditional Indian rituals.

Unfortunately, it was time to return to Charlotte once again to complete the study in London. Thousands of miles separated the two, but each other’s feelings did not change among them. They stayed in touch with the letters and they made almost a weekly exchange with each other. Naturally, the grandfathers fought huge struggles because of the great distance between each other. Charlotte offered to marry her husband to buy air tickets, and he rejected it. He had not only decided to complete the first study, but he also wanted to focus his life on the love of his life again. He also promised her that she could do anything to see her again

After completing the study by Praduum, he took all his property and sold them. Unfortunately, the money he earned didn’t even come close to a flight ticket. They were all cheap and used cycles. Many would have been disappointed if some would have been disappointed. But not the display. Instead of stopping him from seeing his beloved wife in difficult circumstances, he decided to use whatever she wanted to see her again. He had nothing to do with contacting his wife, even if it meant to partially cycle through the whole world.

Their decision was to start a cycle journey from India to the Western world. Pramodam took brash with him for all his efforts and financially to support his efforts. He was taken through eight countries and spent more than four months. But eventually he came to Charlotte’s village in Sweden and finally found her again. Since then, they did not stay far away from each other.


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